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Renovating Your Bathroom to Create the Perfect Escape

A bathroom renovation will cost you money, time, and some headaches. Sprucing up your existing bathroom can cost you a few thousand dollars or six figures if you want a high-end master bath. However, being smart about spending will make your investment worth it. 

The most important thing is to pick upgrades that fit your lifestyle and routines. A successful bathroom renovation will make you want to stay home and create the best escape. Here are tips to help you make this happen:

Plan the Renovation

Make sure to hire a company that specializes in bathroom renovations and sign a contract only when each product, colour, and layout is exactly what you want. Plan the project to ensure it happens at the right time of year. Think about school and work schedules, holidays, friends or relative visits, children’s activities, and travel plans. A bathroom remodel is a major investment of both money and time. Renovco bathroom renovations are performed by experts who make order out of all the chaos associated with this type of project. 

After having the big picture idea laid out, think carefully about the details of the project that might change the feel and look of your bathroom. Think about your cleaning preferences or habits and your daily routine before you decide on a cabinet sink you may never use or an exposed sink that will consume too much space.  

Consider the Future When Designing the Bathroom

Before you decide to invest in bathroom features, look into the future. Some trendy bathroom remodeling ideas are in style now; however, if you will move out of your current house in the future, it is best to invest in timeless features that match your home’s style. 

Go for Surfaces that Last

Surfaces must contribute to the overall aesthetic and can handle lots of moisture. Experts often recommend porcelain tile as the material resists bacteria, staining, and odours. It is ideal for walls and flooring. Pick big tiles and epoxy grout to reduce grout lines and make maintenance easier. 

Make Your Bathroom a Relaxing Space

A lot of your personal practices take place in the bathroom. The bathroom is where you wash and prepare yourself for the day and where you must feel the most relaxed. Having a relaxing retreat where you can recharge and get away from the chaos of the world is important. Your renovation project can achieve this by investing in a deep soaker tub along with a steam shower.