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Indoor Unit (Evaporator) Of An Air Conditioner

This is one of the essential components of air conditioning. The main precautions using the best company near me you should take regarding the unit’s internal (or evaporator) unit are as follows:

  • the room needs to have enough space for both installation and future maintenance on the device;
  • the installation of air conditioning must not interfere with other electrical, hydraulic, or gas installations in residence;
  • the spaces of the indoor unit also need to be compatible with the chosen room;
  • the installation must not present any obstacles to the entry or exit of air from the appliance;
  • the chosen location must have enough airflow for the refrigeration to reach the environment as a whole;
  • electromagnetic interference between air conditioning and remote controls can be avoided by maintaining a minimum distance of 1 meter between electronic devices and fluorescent lamps in residence.

Condenser External Unit

Like the indoor unit, the air conditioner’s outdoor unit (or condenser) through the licensed contractor also requires specific care to ensure a successful installation. Are they:

  • do not install on the west side of the residence;
  • do not install in places subject to the substantial incidence of sun, rain, wind, and dust;
  • do not install near sources of heat, flammable gases, or exhaust fans;
  • do not install in isolated places or with low air circulation, such as laundries and bathrooms;
  • do not install in irregular or uneven places;
  • do not install with a distance or height more significant than the maximum capacity of the air conditioner;
  • do not exceed the maximum inclination of 5º about the horizontal plane.

Still, regarding the external air conditioning unit, be aware that the structure of the location chosen for the installation needs to support the weight of the evaporator, such as the plastering of the wall.

This structure must also be prepared to deal with the vibrations of the device’s operation to avoid the propagation of noise. If the evaporator is directly exposed to sunlight, it will be necessary to protect the unit with an awning or other means of protection.

The User Manual

We know that reading the manual of electronic devices is not a very common practice. However, even if this task requires patience and attention, it is essential to dedicate time.

Thus, knowing all the specifications and instructions regarding the air conditioner’s operation, it will be much easier to avoid misuse of the appliance, extending the life of the part.