How to Secure a Dedicated Server

Dedicated Servers are by far, the first choice hosting environment online with its unparalleled power not only rivaled by the comparatively inexpensive VPS hosting but also without any comparison in terms of its affordability. While dedicated hosting at offers in terms of features and the powerful capability of a dedicated server at your disposal, security is also a prime concern and needs to be given prime importance number one. There have been cases of Security leaks where an employee of the server accessed the main server and downloaded some malicious programs which later on effected the server’s security. Most of the time, these Security leaks can be prevented by following few simple tips that can ensure your dedicated server security. These tips are provided in order to ensure that your dedicated server is secure.

One of the very basic steps that you can follow for ensuring the security of a dedicated server is by assigning an individual or individuals to the administration of the server. This helps in assigning responsibility and ensures no one gets hold of the administrative control over the server thereby providing greater accountability of the administration of the server. You can assign one person to administer the server, or even hire a team of professionals for managing the security measures on a daily basis, in order to ensure that small businesses and even individual webmasters have greater access to your server without any unauthorized access.

Another great option for ensuring your dedicated server’s security is to disable the login by FTP as it is the primary means of entering the server so that there is no possibility of your server administrator logging out. With the use of the FTP login there is the possibility of a brute force attack by a perpetrator who has complete control over the server hence it is better to prevent them. Another option that you can do in order to keep hackers at bay is by making the FTP password encrypted. The use of strong passwords and combined with the use of smart card readers that require passwords to log into the server are some of the best options to help in protecting your dedicated servers from brute force attacks.