Causes and Treatments of Cramps after Sex

No one needs an expert opinion on benefits of sex besides pleasure. Those who require scientific evidences can find plenty of knowledge online. Sex has direct impacts on immune system, stress level and sleep. facilitates the couples to have a better romantic relationship. It works to make things affordable with Boots coupon. Boots store is a leading online health, beauty and pharmacy store. It presents high quality materials in these categories with guarantee and discount. Women who feel cramps after sex should pay attention.

Causes of Cramps:

According to studies, there are numerous causes of cramps after sex. The most important findings include lack of interest or enjoyment, vaginal dryness, infections, anxiety, careless sex and more. All these factors may be a cause of discomfort. Uterine contraction is another proven cause of cramps. There are prostaglandins in semen and it causes the infection if men don’t use condoms. The Boots coupon allows women buy prescribed medicines to treat vaginal infections and cramps. We would suggest applying an active coupon on various medicines, supplements and deals.

Avoiding Cramps:

Women have to ensure less pressure on cervix. According to gynecologists, using right sex position may lessen the risk of cramps after sex. “In most cases, we have observed that couples use careless behavior during sex. The obsession of porn is causing trouble for men and women. Men want to last longer and women like to have multiple orgasms,” Dr. Martin, MD, at St. Sebastian Hospital, London explained. “We need to understand that some things don’t work in real life. There are multiple ways to have a healthy orgasm. Men should not sex as a revenge time while the women should learn how to enjoy romance. Playing safe with protections such as condoms can minimize the risk of infections leading to cramps,” Dr. Martin added.

Taking Medicines:

Take some painkillers such as ibuprofen if you have severe cramps after sex. This may relieve for a short time. In most cases, women don’t contact the physicians when they have such conditions. They assume it normal after a healthy sex. It would be best if they see gynecologists immediately in case of frequent cramps. There are several treatments such as heating pad placement on abdomen. Pelvic floor muscle therapy is also a best option. It is precise to treat the women having muscle spasm.

When you should See Doctor?

Contact the specialized doctor immediately if there is pain and bleeding after sex. The doctor may perform some tests to diagnose muscle spasm. S/he may also consider other medical conditions such as endometriosis, uterine abnormalities and certain infections. Depending on the conditions, the doctor will prescribe some therapies and medicines. Purchase the medicines with Boots coupon online. This would be best because this online store delivers the medicines to home. This practice saves time and money. It is also a smart choice especially in the quarantine days. Consider these points and take the right decision if you have severe cramps after a romantic night.


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