Fruits For Your Frenchie Dogs

Most of the French bulldog owners are worried about what to be fed to the dogs. It is important for one to have control over the diet of the Frenchie dogs so that they do not end up gaining or losing too much weight. It is very much important for the owners to focus on their diet and plan it out properly so that they are able to provide a healthy lifestyle to the dog. To be able to provide the best diet to the French bulldog, the owner can go through this article. a lot of human fruits can be fed to the French bulldog in order to keep them well fed.


The first fruit that can be given to the French bulldog on a regular basis is Apple. Apples are known to be a great source of vitamin c and protein which make said white good for your furry friend. They are going to love the taste of the fruit and this will also help them in keeping their diet perfect. It will not only help them with nutrition, proteins, or vitamin but also keep themselves healthy. Just like a human being is required to have an apple a day the dogs can also have it along with their human friends.


Another healthy and effective fruit can be the banana. Banana is known to be a great source of making the dogs has a good digestive system. however, it is very much important for the owner to ensure that they do not end up overfeeding the French bulldog with bananas as they had already get a lot of calories from other fruits and food items. They can feed the dogs a banana a day and that is all. Do not over feed them out of love as it might be unhealthy for them.


Frenchie dog is very famous for overheating in summers. This makes it impossible for the owners to feeds them watermelons as it has high water content. If the dogs are fed watermelons bi can be kept hydrated in the summer season.  Another important or advantage of watermelon is that it does not have any fat or cholesterol. It is a great source of nutrition like vitamins A, B6, and C, and potassium. Therefore you can make your dog eat as much watermelon as they like. It is quite advantageous for their health.

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