June 10, 2021


4 Tips For Buying A Camping Tent You Should Check Out

Traveling to new destinations and enjoying nature are very pleasurable activities. However, anyone who wants to enjoy these moments camping needs to learn the correct way to buy a camping tent like family tent poles for example. To make a good purchase, it is essential to consider some factors that will prevent you from regretting your purchase in the future. Want to learn? So, check out our tips carefully.

  1. Analyze The Camper’s Profile

Just as we do when buying a house or a car, considering the profile of who will use the tent when choosing is essential. While some people can be perfectly served by simpler equipment, others will need to purchase a more elaborate model.

For those starting and staying in more structured campsites, a simple tent is more than enough. Intermediate campers can move to a more equipped version, with canvas lining and separate rooms. As for the more experienced ones, it is interesting to invest a little more in quality, as the conditions of the camp may require more resistant equipment.

  1. Assess The Local Climate

If you plan to camp in different places and at different times of the year, the idea is to consider when buying a camping tent. There are versions with removable thick covers that are perfect for all four seasons, as this accessory can be removed if the temperature rises. Some also have a zipper, which can be adjusted according to the desired ventilation.

However, the most common models on the market are the three seasons (summer, spring, and autumn). Some have a cover but have a simpler structure and cannot withstand temperatures below 10 degrees. There are also more basic options, perfect for the summer, as they are made with lighter fabrics.

Finally, the mountain tents are usually used by experienced campers and produced to withstand the cold winter temperatures. The material, design, and accessories are of the highest quality, but this is reflected both in the higher price and in the product’s weight.

  1. Consider Design And Material

The design and material of the tent are essential items. The most used raw material in frames is aluminum, as it is light, resistant, and does not quickly spoil with moisture. There are also good models in carbon fiber or glass, which are quite flexible but should be avoided in windy regions.

Also, check if the tent design fits your taste and style. Remember that, in the most diverse situations, it will be your home and your haven. In addition, the tent usually lasts for many years, so it is essential that you like the product you are going to buy.

The type of fabric must also be considered. The ideal is to have materials that resist a lot, especially traction and abrasion, and offer thermal comfort for campers. Among the most popular are polyamide, polyester, ripstop nylon, and cotton.

  1. Pay Attention To Size And Weight

Before buying a camping tent, you need to analyze the weight and size of the product carefully. Remember, the bigger and heavier the tent, the more difficult it will be to transport. If you’re going to tackle your expeditions alone, a basic version shouldn’t exceed a pound. A model for two people, which is enough to bring comfort, should not exceed three kilos.

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