April 12, 2021


Working with a commercial architect: Things worth knowing!

Commercial projects and buildings require an expansive vision. As an investor, you may have the budget for your office building or data center, but the eventual design and work depends on your architect. Commercial architects are available in plenty, and it just takes a simple Google search to find all your options. In Montreal, firms like Stendel Reich have done some really good work. If you have been looking for a commercial architect, there are certain basic aspects to consider. 

Specific experience

As in any industry, not all firms that promise to specialize in commercial architecture are same. In this context, specific experience is something you need to consider. A basic question would be – ‘Have you designed and finished projects similar to ours?’ Work with a commercial architect you can trust for their work profile. Ask for references, if need be, but more importantly, do check their portfolio. 

Shortlist a few

This one is a no brainer. You have to shortlist and find names of top commercial architects in your city. Ask your colleagues and industry contacts for references, or else, online resources can be handy. Check if a firm has good reviews and whether they are known within the industry.

Meet at least a few times

Every commercial project has a few inherent challenges. It could be related to the budget, location, or design requirements. Find a firm that can handle these challenges and can offer a clear blueprint of how they intend to manage the project. This is the precise reason why you need to meet your commercial architect at least a few times and talk to their lead designers and top team members. 

Discuss costing and insurance

An experienced commercial architectural practice will do their homework before they discuss costing and other details. They need to have insurance in place to ensure that additional problems are covered, and more importantly, the quote should have room for contingencies. While considering all of these things, the firm needs to adhere to your budget too. 

Collaborative effort 

Clients and commercial architects need to work together and have a collaborative approach towards finishing a project. It takes right minds to discuss critical aspects and work within a timeline. If you haven’t worked with a firm before, review their work in depth, consider if their expertise can align with your project and whether they are available. 

Check online now to find more on commercial architects in Canada. 

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