April 5, 2021


3 Business Security Techniques to Protect Your Assets from Hackers Online 

It is next to impossible to make any system on the internet 100% safe from hackers. Having said that, there are certainly ways in which an organisation can be made so strong that hackers usually prefer leaving those organizations alone on their own. And, that’s the best bet that one has to reduce business security concerns. This guide will take you through a few such online security techniques that will give you the best shot at protecting your assets strongly. 

The threats that we are talking about include phishing and malware attacks that have been the most alarming online security concerns in 2020 and are still continuing in 2021. Have a look at the ways to protect your devices from these threats.

Password Protection Will Take You a Long Way

The first thing that hackers feed on is a poor/weak password. So, if yours is strong, you’re automatically removed from the pool of first systems that hackers keep an eye on. 

Here’s what you should do.

  1. Make sure that no 2 devices or routers or accounts have the same password. 
  2. Every password must be 12-15 characters long. 
  3. Random characters – numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols – make a strong password. 

Password basics to follow. 

Once you make a strong password, it’s necessary to protect that password. You can do that in the following ways. 

  1. Use a password manager app to save a password when there are many passwords to be saved. These apps are encrypted; hence, very safe. 
  2. Don’t share your password with anybody and never login using a public Wi-Fi if it’s unprotected. 

Network Protection for Higher Security 

Did you know that cybersecurity experts have come up with a very strong technique that has been helping companies to limit losses even if hackers find a way inside the system? That technique is known as network segmentation or putting firebrakes. 

Here’s what it means. 

  1. The information about the firm is divided into many parts. 
  2. Many independent networks are made instead of 1 primary network. 
  3. One piece of info is saved per network. 

In this way, if one router/network is compromised, only the systems connected to the compromised network can be hacked. Which means that the others remain safe. Such isolation helps in limiting the damage to a very large extent. 

Patching and Debugging 

Software has bugs and those bugs are the windows that hackers misuse to gain unauthorized entry in a system using malware. 

Needless to say, if bugs can be removed, the software will become safe. Hence, debugging is necessary. Do the following things to keep the software clean. 

  1. Install updates that software developers release. 
  2. Check for updates manually from time to time if your router doesn’t have the auto-installation feature. 
  3. Declutter the system from time to time by deleting old files. 

In a nutshell, be smart when it’s about protecting your business assets from threat actors online. 

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